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A Jury To Decide Roger Clemens’ Legal Fate

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Roger Clemens and lawyer Rusty Hardin will be out of Texas and in Washington, DC, this week to begin the Rocket’s trial.  A jury will decide Clemens’ fate legally and probably for Cooperstown as well. The first significant thing to happen is when the jurors will be read the indictment (PDF). Initial impressions are especially important in trials,… Continue Reading

Kyle Busch: Beg for Mercy? Yeah and then some

Posted in NASCAR out of Charlotte, North Carolina is reporting that local attorney, Seth Johnson, says that Kyle Busch’s best defense will be to “beg for mercy” before the sentencing Judge when Busch goes to Court on June 20 to answer to allegations that he was driving 83 mph over the speed limit in Troutman, North Carolina on May… Continue Reading

Why Lance Armstrong Will Never Be Convicted of a Crime

Posted in Cycling

Lance Armstrong will, I believe, never be convicted by a jury even if the US Attorney in California is successful in obtaining an indictment. Why? The answer lies in the statute of limitations for these alleged federal crimes.  A five year statute of limitations has run for virtually every crime that the US Attorney can allege against Armstrong with… Continue Reading