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Lenny Dykstra to stand trial

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Lenny Dykstra has been ordered to stand trial in Los Angeles for car theft charges related to his driving off with three luxury cars in California.  Dykstra, his 27 year old accountant, and another apparently left with the vehicles after filing fraudulent lease documents.  Then after this behavior established probable cause that a crime had occured, police… Continue Reading

Jalen Rose DUI Guilty Plea Nets Serious Jail Time

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Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose was sentenced to 20 days of actual jail time for a first offence DUI guilty plea yesterday in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Rose will begin his sentence August 2, if his attorneys don’t appeal. In explaining her rationale for the plea Judge Kimberly Small said: But there are… Continue Reading

Lance Armstrong Attacks

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Lance Armstrong has gone on the attack to salvage his reputation and to damage the credibility of the government’s investigation into his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.   A court document was filed last week by Armstrong’s lawyers naming Jeff Novitzky, a Food and Drug Administration special agent, throughout. The document asks the court for a hearing to… Continue Reading

If the beer can don’t fit, must you acquit?

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Lester Munson with ESPN reports that opening statements in the Roger Clemens perjury trial are underway.  Assistant United States Attorney, Steven Durham, showed the jury in his opening statement “yellowing cotton balls, needles and vials” which had been turned over to the Government from Brian McNamee, Clemens’ long time trainer.  Durham told the jury that… Continue Reading

To testify or not to testify? That is the question…

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The Chicago Sun Times reported on June 29, 2011 that the jurors in the Rod Blagojevich trial felt like the ex-governor was tailoring his testimony to them.  Apparently, by discussing books in his library, his deep interest in education and his love for music, the ex-governor was attempting to make a connection to several jurors which included a… Continue Reading