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Paying College Athletes

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The issue of paying college athletes for their professional services is gaining momentum as this recent WSJ article describes. After the stir created by Taylor Branch’s article in October’s Atlantic, other major publications are joining the debate and many are coming down on the side of paying college athletes for their talents. Those who favor… Continue Reading

Shame in College Sports, an indictment of the NCAA

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Taylor Branch, civil rights author and historian, has written a powerful indictment of the NCAA and collegiate sports. Reading this is an education on the exploitation of athletes in major college sports. Read the full article here in the Atlantic. Below is a section from the article that describes the myth of the student athlete. We… Continue Reading

Sometimes Nascar drivers say the Dumbest Things

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On June 21, 2011, we published an article about Kyle Busch driving 128 mph in Iredell County, North Carolina in a 45 mph zone. We recommended a particular course of action for Busch and his attorney before they came to Court.  Our recommendation was not followed. On August 24, 2011, Kyle Bush finally appeared in… Continue Reading

A Retrial of Roger Clemens

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Judge Reggie Walton did what judges are supposed to do when he ordered a retrial of Roger Clemens today–he followed the law. Clearly frustrated with prosecutor Steven Durham, Judge Walton said, he didn’t want to believe that experienced prosecutors willfully violated his pretrial orders when they played the tainted video evidence on day two of trial in… Continue Reading