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World Peace throwing elbows

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According to an article by Bradley MacLean, Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace is no more likely to face criminal charges for a vicious elbow to an opponent’s head than all the NHL players who engage in similar tactics during the current playoffs, legal experts recently said. World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, nailed… Continue Reading

Roger Clemens trial redux

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After an unsuccessful first attempt at prosecuting Roger Clemens for lying before Congress the government began its second attempt this week. Prosecutors fumbled the first time after only a few days when the judge, Reggie Walton of the U.S. District Court, declared a mistrial after the prosecution showed jurors evidence that had been declared inadmissible…. Continue Reading

Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams–Possible Criminal Charges?

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Assault is generally defined under the law as an offensive touching and in ordinary circumstances it is a crime. The essential elements of assault consist of an act intended to cause an apprehension of harmful or offensive contact that causes apprehension of this contact in the victim. In sports where participants consent to physical contact,… Continue Reading

Update on NCAA Concussion Lawsuit

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As we discussed in an earlier post, concussions and the lasting damage they can cause have received enormous amounts of media attention recently. A series of lawsuits have rocked the NFL and a major class action case has been filed against the NCAA. The lawsuit, Arrington v. National Collegiate Athletic Association et al, brought by… Continue Reading

Former NFL Quarterback Arrested, Yet Again

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Police are reporting that former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has been arrested for the second time in three days on burglary and drug charges. On Monday, April 2, 2012, Leaf was arrested after being accused of breaking into someone’s home in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana. Three days before, on Friday, March 30, Leaf… Continue Reading

Boston University Hockey Team Rocked by Sexual Assaults

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Boston University should have been celebrating a fantastic season by their hockey team—a 21 win season and the playoffs. However, the university is now engaging in some serious soul searching. In the past ten weeks, two star players have been charged with sexual assault. The two players in question are senior center Corey Trivino and… Continue Reading