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New Jersey’s Push for Legal Sports Betting

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As the Super Bowl nears two New Jersey congressmen took action and introduced several timely bills designed to allow legal sports betting in the state. Republican U.S. Representative Frank LoBiondo introduced a bill that would give all states until 2016 to legalize sports betting. A previous window was opened and closed in 1992 and when… Continue Reading

Lamar Odom Scores Victory in Tax Court

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Last year, Lamar Odom, 32 sued the IRS after being handed a whopper of a bill: $87,000 plus interest. The IRS slapped Odom with the bill after determining that he had no right to deduct $190,000 in personal fitness fees and various NBA-imposed fines from his 2007 tax return. Odom responded by arguing that the… Continue Reading

Sexual Abuse in Sports Spreads to Tennessee

Posted in Basketball

According to a recent article on, two separate investigations into sexual abuse have been launched by police in Memphis, Tennessee and the Amateur Athletic Union after two former basketball players claimed that the leader of a youth sports organization molested them during the 1980s when they were boys. The men allege that Robert “Bobby” Dodd… Continue Reading

Pledging Allegiance at UConn

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Before the start of the Connecticut-Arkansas game last Saturday, some 14,333 fans, coaches and players were asked to join in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The practice of reciting the pledge before home games began as a tribute on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Though it has been received favorably thus far… Continue Reading

Wife’s Confession and Third Accuser Spells Trouble for Syracuse’s Bernie Fine

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According to ESPN, Bernie Fine was sacked Sunday by Syracuse University after an audio recording of his wife, Laurie Fine, came to light in which she acknowledged alleged sexual abuse. In addition to the audiotape, a third man came forward and accused the assistant basketball coach of molesting him nearly a decade ago. Syracuse’s senior… Continue Reading

Shame in College Sports, an indictment of the NCAA

Posted in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Track & Field

Taylor Branch, civil rights author and historian, has written a powerful indictment of the NCAA and collegiate sports. Reading this is an education on the exploitation of athletes in major college sports. Read the full article here in the Atlantic. Below is a section from the article that describes the myth of the student athlete. We… Continue Reading

Bond for NBA Player charged in Drive-By?

Posted in NBA

A 23 year old mother of four (4) is dead after being shot on an Atlanta street in a drive-by shooting.  See a photograph of the victim here.  The man arrested for the murder is Javaris Crittenton, the 19th overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2007. During the 2009/2010 basketball year, Crittenton played for… Continue Reading

Jalen Rose DUI Guilty Plea Nets Serious Jail Time

Posted in Basketball, DUI, NBA

Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose was sentenced to 20 days of actual jail time for a first offence DUI guilty plea yesterday in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Rose will begin his sentence August 2, if his attorneys don’t appeal. In explaining her rationale for the plea Judge Kimberly Small said: But there are… Continue Reading