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Contador stripped of 2010 Tour de France Victory, Schleck given Tour win

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Alberto Contador has been given a two year ban for positive test results according to worldwide reports . Disgraced former 2010 Tour de France champion Alberto Contador was on Tuesday braced to piece together his future as a professional cyclist a day after being handed a two-year doping ban.  Considered the most gifted racer of his generation, Contador was handed a two-year ban… Continue Reading

Lance Armstrong wins longest ride of his life: Federal Investigation Dropped

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Lance Armstrong will take a metaphorical ride down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées today in celebration of the end to a federal probe into his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs and a host of other charges.  The investigation into Lance is over, and there will be no charges period–case closed. U.S. Attorney André Birotte, Jr., said Armstrong and… Continue Reading

Barry Bonds appeals conviction

Posted in Baseball, Performance Enhancing Drugs

Barry Bonds has appealed his conviction for obstruction of justice. Bloomberg reports that the former San Francisco Giants outfielder filed a notice of appeal Dec. 21 in federal court in San Francisco. He was sentenced to probation instead of prison time on Dec. 16 and was also ordered by U.S. District Judge Susan Illston to… Continue Reading

Olympic Athlete’s Male-Enhancement Nearly Cost Him His Career

Posted in Olympics, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Track & Field

LaShawn Merritt, the 25-year-old Olympic athlete once barred from competing due to an accidental doping scandal has now resurfaced, stronger, faster and wiser than ever. As Merritt gears up to compete in the 2012 London Games the New York Times profiled him and discussed what he learned after reflecting back on his embarrassing episode. What… Continue Reading

Dr. Anthony Galea Sentenced in Federal Court for HGH related offense

Posted in Baseball, Football, Performance Enhancing Drugs

On the same day that Barry Bonds was sentenced to a month of house arrest and two years probation for his part in obstructing the investigation into BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative) and the Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) it peddled, a well respected but largely unknown Canadian doctor was sentenced three-thousand miles away in Federal Court… Continue Reading

Barry Bonds sentencing today in Federal Court

Posted in Baseball, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Punishment, Sentencing

Barry Bonds will appear before U.S. District Judge Susan Illston today to learn his fate for his obstruction of justice conviction. Bonds’ sentencing range under the federal sentencing guidelines is 15-21 months. The government has filed papers with the court asking that he receive the bottom of the guideline range, 15 months, but that the sentence be… Continue Reading

A Retrial of Roger Clemens

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Judge Reggie Walton did what judges are supposed to do when he ordered a retrial of Roger Clemens today–he followed the law. Clearly frustrated with prosecutor Steven Durham, Judge Walton said, he didn’t want to believe that experienced prosecutors willfully violated his pretrial orders when they played the tainted video evidence on day two of trial in… Continue Reading

Roger Clemens Attorneys File Motion to Dismiss Indictment

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Attorneys for Roger Clemens filed a much expected Motion to Dismiss criminal charges after the mistrial declared by Judge Walton last month.  Rusty Hardin’s motion states: On July 14, 2011, the sixth day of trial in this matter and the second day of testimony, the Government triggered double jeopardy by deliberately defying a pretrial order… Continue Reading

Lance Armstrong Attacks

Posted in Cycling, Performance Enhancing Drugs

Lance Armstrong has gone on the attack to salvage his reputation and to damage the credibility of the government’s investigation into his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.   A court document was filed last week by Armstrong’s lawyers naming Jeff Novitzky, a Food and Drug Administration special agent, throughout. The document asks the court for a hearing to… Continue Reading

If the beer can don’t fit, must you acquit?

Posted in Baseball, Performance Enhancing Drugs

Lester Munson with ESPN reports that opening statements in the Roger Clemens perjury trial are underway.  Assistant United States Attorney, Steven Durham, showed the jury in his opening statement “yellowing cotton balls, needles and vials” which had been turned over to the Government from Brian McNamee, Clemens’ long time trainer.  Durham told the jury that… Continue Reading

A Jury To Decide Roger Clemens’ Legal Fate

Posted in Baseball, Performance Enhancing Drugs

Roger Clemens and lawyer Rusty Hardin will be out of Texas and in Washington, DC, this week to begin the Rocket’s trial.  A jury will decide Clemens’ fate legally and probably for Cooperstown as well. The first significant thing to happen is when the jurors will be read the indictment (PDF). Initial impressions are especially important in trials,… Continue Reading