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The Problem With the NCAA and Money-Losing Athletic Departments

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The NCAA and the major athletic departments under their purview have been the subjects of many recent articles criticizing their outsized influence on campus life and university budget priorities. When the articles mention these athletic programs they focus on the teams that rule their schools and garner tremendous media attention, schools like Alabama, Penn State,… Continue Reading

$2,000 NCAA Stipend Represents Failed Attempt at Change

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The NCAA has been on the receiving end recently of some harsh and quite deserved criticism. First, Taylor Branch’s Shame in College Sports, an indictment of the NCAA , in The Atlantic (written about on this blog here); and, now Let’s Start Paying College Athletes , by Joe Nocera in the New York Times excoriates the NCAA for its treatment of… Continue Reading

Shame in College Sports, an indictment of the NCAA

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Taylor Branch, civil rights author and historian, has written a powerful indictment of the NCAA and collegiate sports. Reading this is an education on the exploitation of athletes in major college sports. Read the full article here in the Atlantic. Below is a section from the article that describes the myth of the student athlete. We… Continue Reading